Advances in composite deck materials have made them a popular option for many homeowners. Composite boards are available in many different colors to compliment any home. However, composite decks cost more than traditional wood. Are the advantages worth it? Keep reading to find out what makes composite decks more desirable for many people.

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Noticeable advantages of composite decks

Composite decks, especially those that are made with good quality materials, can maintain the beauty of your deck for many years to come with little to no maintenance at all.

Here are some noticeable advantages of composite decks over wood decks:

Durable and Low Maintenance.

It only needs some soap and water to be clean once a year, while wood decks need constant upkeep every season. Also, composite decks, especially good quality one like those made from “Trex materials” can [last] as long as 20 years before it fades. It can even withstand scratching, fading, staining, and mold.

Insect-Proof and Environmentally Friendly

The composite deck boards themselves are made from recycled materials, and that is why it’s insect-proof.


Composite decks [come in] a selection of color choices that homeowners can freely choose from depending on what look they’re going after.

Value for Your Money

[Good value] is an added benefit of choosing composite decks. It may be pricey at first, but it will help you save more from less maintenance and longer durability in the future.

Main benefits of composite decks when compared to wood:

  1. You can enjoy a clean and beautiful composite deck if you invest a maximum of 5 hours for cleaning per year. In contrast, wood requires about 30 hours of cleaning per year.
  2. [Composite] material can be adjusted to any space. It’s easy to bend and can be ripped and routed as needed.
  3. Composite decks are not [prone] to rotting, warping, splintering, and other damage.
  4. Composite decking is resistant to termites, meaning that you don’t have to worry about a pest infestation ruining your deck.
  5. Composite decks do well in contact with water, and moisture is not a problem, unlike wood, which can grow mold and rot.
  6. Composite decking is resistant to heat, and exposure to direct sunlight on hot days won’t be a problem.
Natalie Barrett

Natalie Barrett

Natalie Barrett, Floor repair expert & general manager at Nifty Floor Repair.

Jordan Collins

Jordan Collins, Home improvement experts at Two Lions 11.

Advantages of Composite Decking

  • For starters, composite decking helps you enjoy peace of mind knowing that it [won’t] be attacked by termites and other pests that typically destroy wood.
  • Second, the material won’t splinter over time, as it’s created using tiny wood fibres, which are protected by plastic.
  • It’s easier to clean and maintain and at the same time gives you the natural and cozy feeling provided by wood.
  • You don’t have to worry about the staining, painting, and repairs required for wood.
  • Composite decks are also available in a range of different colours, so you don’t need to have to paint your wood decking to fit with your interior or exterior style.
  • Composite decks are also a great way to be eco-friendly as you can use recycled materials.

They’re much easier to maintain

I work in the pressure washing industry, and I can say with absolute certainty the best thing about composite decks is that they’re much easier to maintain. They don’t get as dirty (at least not as quickly since wood is more absorbent), and when you do need to clean them, it’s easy and fast.

Wood restoration is a multi-stage process involving cleaning, brightening, sanding, and more. Composite boards usually just require a single cleaning solution and a low-pressure wash. You may have to do some scrubbing, but again, it’s gentle scrubbing. There isn’t much elbow grease involved.

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Rolf Zimmerman

Rolf Zimmerman at Best in Backyards.

Composite decks will last longer structurally

There are many advantages of a composite deck over a wood deck. First, a composite deck will not ever need to be sealed or stained. Because it is made of resin and wood, deck manufacturers [can] give a composite deck the appearance of natural wood. Natural wood decks require maintenance regularly, like restaining and resealing. This [work] can be time-consuming and cost money.

Second, composite decks will last longer structurally. Natural wood decks often start to bend and break down after several years because of the effects of weather on the wood. Composite decks are built to look like natural wood but aren’t made of natural wood, so you can get the appearance of wood without having to repair or replace your deck every several years.

Finally, composite decks are not prone to damage from wood-eating insects like termites. With a natural wood deck, you constantly have to be vigilant [in keeping] your deck from being infiltrated by wood-destroying insects. Composite decks have small wood fibers encased in plastic, so bugs can’t get to it and destroy your deck, which also means that the wood on a composite deck won’t be subject to constant splintering.

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