Gazebos add beauty and functionality to any outdoor living space. You’ve likely seen them adorning the grounds of chic hotels or classy dining establishments. Maybe you’ve seen them in your local park or green space. They make stately waiting areas, functional picnic, and celebration spaces, relaxing poolside lounging zones, and picturesque photo backdrops.

There’s virtually no way to go wrong with a gazebo (except the ONE way, but we’ll get into that in a bit). Adding a gazebo on top of your custom deck brings even more personality and functionality to your home and yard.

Avoid This One Mistake for Picking the Perfect Gazebo Design for Your Deck


So Many Options

Gazebos come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and materials. Choosing your design elements can be challenging with so many different options and potential combinations. So, start with your needs and limitations first to find what’s best suited for your needs.


When you decide to add a gazebo to your existing deck, you’ve likely considered the many ways you want to use it. If you haven’t, that’s the first place to start. Many clients use them as covered eating and food prep/grilling areas. They host parties beneath its shade. Some homeowners have established theirs as a quiet oasis with cozy lounge chairs. How you envision your space will help you determine many other design factors.


The amount of space you have to work with can be a significant limiting factor to what you can create. You may want a grill and party space with a table and chairs, but if you’re working with a small area, that might not be realistic. You may desire a long, comfy couch or several lounge chairs, but you’ll have to compromise (or add to your deck first) if you don’t have the necessary space.

From smaller-sized 6’x6’ structures to larger 12’x12s and beyond, there’s a size for everybody. Our Denver residential gazebo builders can custom-make a gazebo to fit your space while still looking grand.


After narrowing the options according to how you’ll use your gazebo and the size your deck can accommodate, many design decisions lie ahead of you. Allow your imagination to run wild here while keeping your budget, climate, and material availability in mind.

Discussing the many alternatives with a knowledgeable residential gazebo contractor in the Denver area, like our crew at SRI Decks, is beneficial for many reasons. We can help you weigh the pros and cons of custom options according to pricing, our climate’s effect on lumber and other building materials, and the obtainability of local to exotic hardwoods.

Shape, color, and construction elements can evoke varying concepts, so consider any themes or motifs you like thoughtfully. For instance, raw lumber can look rustic and cabin-like depending on the color and cut. Other types can give off a coastal vibe when left unpainted. Let your house, yard, garden, deck, and views guide your ideas.

Shapes can influence your choices, too. Angular configurations like octagons and hexagons add visual appeal to gazebo designs. Round and square are classic shapes that work exceptionally well in small areas. Rectangular gazebo shapes function well in large spaces.

Homeowners can even get creative with the roof of their gazebo. One feature we find especially helpful in creating more airflow throughout is a double roof. Essentially, this is a gap with an overlapping section of the rooftop that allows for ventilation while maintaining moisture protection.

Screens and curtains can be easily added to any completed design to block harsh sun rays or winds, increase privacy, barricade bugs, or add class and charm. Plants and climbing vines have similar effects and bring nature closer to you.


Gazebos come in wood, steel, or vinyl. They can be hard-top, permanent structures, or soft-top pop-ups meant for occasional use. We highly recommend wood for its beauty, variety, colors, durability, and functionality. Temporary pop-up systems are highly susceptible to winds, and their UV protection and water resistance can weaken over time. Additionally, homeowners tend to discontinue use because of the work and time it takes to set up and take down.

The One Thing to Never Do

You almost can’t go wrong with any selection for your gazebo, especially with the many options a wood gazebo affords. We understand that can be challenging for the indecisive homeowner, so your outdoor carpentry experts at SRI Decks are here and ready to help.

Here’s the ONE way you can go wrong with a gazebo – you can build one too big for your space. A grand gazebo may fit your lifestyle and budget, but if it’s oversized, it will overwhelm your space. It could obstruct entryways or views.

Ensure your gazebo fits your space. Even if your plans don’t include having it attached to your deck, avoid building one too big for your yard space or one that dwarfs your house. Other than that, there’s no wrong way or one single right way to design your deck. As long as it fits your space, needs, and personalization, the sky’s the limit!


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