When you started house hunting, you probably had the perfect house in mind. You wanted stairs, or you didn’t. The kitchen needed to open into the dining room. Nope, there needs to be a wall between the cooking space and the dining room, everyone knows that. You knew the number of bedrooms you needed and some absolutes had to happen. And, you found it! When you are willing to wait and look, the just-right house always finds its way to you at the right time.

Building a Room Without Walls

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Times change. Kids grow. Maybe more kids come. Hobbies change, toys change size, and the flow of the family that bought the house is different from the flow of the family that lives in the house now. Luckily, humans are excellent at adaptation. We paint, remodel, move the furniture, and evolve. Still, sometimes we feel that we are outgrowing our home in different ways. The neighborhood is perfect, we still love the kitchen, and the kids’ heights are marked on the doorframe. Moving isn’t an option and neither is a huge remodeling project. What are the options? An option to consider is to create an outdoor living space that extends your home and adds variety without knocking out walls. A gazebo, pergola, or pavilion can create a beautiful addition to your home with several benefits:

Bigger is (Sometimes) Better
As families grow and change, sometimes more space is needed. This doesn’t always mean more bedrooms, it can just mean another space for kids to hang out with friends, or for parents to find some time alone or with friends of their own. A well-designed outdoor structure can create a comfortable room outside, adding valuable square footage to your home. It is an investment that can not only create an enjoyable space for your family but add a desirable addition when you decide to sell.

Girls. . and Boys Just Wanna Have Fun
Picture this: It is a perfect autumn night, not too chilly and not too hot. You sit down to a lovely meal outside, listening to music and swapping jokes and stories with friends. The wind is blowing just enough and you can’t even see the dishes in the sink from where you are sitting. Then, it starts to lightly rain. The rain is welcome and soothing because you are under a beautiful roof. The party continues and you say to yourself, “Boy, am I glad I read that blog and built this!” You are welcome. Weather doesn’t have to be all-powerful when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. A gazebo, pergola, or pavilion can provide shade in the heat and can also be fitted with screens or heaters to make it a bug-free comfortable outdoor space year-round. And, you won’t ever have to clean the carpets.

Just Roll With It
An outdoor structure can be a wonderful and versatile addition to your home. It can be a fun place to gather with a large crew of friends for games or a barbeque and it can also be a quiet and personal haven. Perhaps you have plenty of gathering spaces inside your house for friends and family. And outdoor space can be a lovely sanctuary away from the busyness of a home. Imagine creating a space, bedecked with hanging plants or outdoor curtains where you can be alone. I bet you just took a nice big sigh, thinking about it, right? And you don’t have to tear down a wall to make it happen, just look around and pick the spot.

Be You
When you bought your house it still probably felt like someone else’s home for a while. Slowly, the paint changed, curtains were hung, and it was filled with your unique memories, scents, and style. An outdoor space has that same potential. It can be a delightful extension of your personality and style. There are countless designs for gazebos, pergolas, and pavilions. There is no limit on how to put your unique fingerprint on the design. Go big, go small, go traditional, or add zip to your yard with the unconventional. A small outdoor structure means easy versatility, so have fun!

If you are dying to stop reading and start designing, that is wonderful! Still, stick with us for a little longer and consider a few things:

Let there be light
You want lighting and plenty of it! Lighting is a fantastic way to add flair to your living area. There are so many options, ranging from fun and trendy to classic and refined. String lights, chandeliers, hanging lanterns—there are dozens of fun options. If you are planning on using this space in the evenings, pick a design that will make lighting easy.

Planning is a big key to success here. Take some time to walk around your outdoor space and think about how you plan to use it. Your budget will have a big impact on size. The space should be big enough to fit guests and move comfortably, but not so big that it is cumbersome to maintain or creates a space that makes socializing more difficult. We are here to help you consider size, placement, and budget to pick just the right design.

Accessibility and Location
Besides getting the right size, planning where the space is matters most. Pay attention to the sun in your planning. The heat of the sun can put a damper on your party, so think over when you’ll be using the space the most often. Timing affects shade, which can really affect your celebration! Traffic flow also merits some thought. Will the gazebo or pergola be accessible without having to go through the house? And, while no one likes to talk about it, your guests will have to use the bathroom from time to time, so thinking about access to those is a good idea as well.

You worked hard to find the right house, and you want your house to work for you. If you feel the need for something extra, let us help you look at outdoor options. We are offering the best in Colorado for custom gazebos and pergolas. Let us help you create a space that will be perfect for gathering with friends or escaping alone. Then, you can sit back and enjoy.


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