If you like to read your mystery novels on the porch, look at the night sky, or just need to get out of the hectic house and relax, then do it. There’s nothing stopping you. Even in the coming cold you can sit outside and enjoy, despite the temperatures.

deck at night

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But how? If it rains, you’ll get wet and ruin your nice furniture. If it snows, you’ll freeze. Wind? Brrrrr! These things don’t have to stop you, though. If you make your custom deck withstand Colorado winters the right way, you can keep your outside night-time hobbies and maybe pick up some new ones.

  • Stop the elements!
    Wouldn’t we all love the superpower of taking control of the weather? Making it serve our every need? You could fend off winter storms and impress your neighbors in the process. Assuming that’s not an option for you—or that you’re just too humble to show off your true powers—there’s a plan B. A roof!
    There are several different roofing styles you can use to keep the elements at bay. Louvers are nice because you can open and close them, depending on the current weather. If it’s sunny, keep them open so you can absorb the rays that give you your Superman powers, but when it’s raining, close them to protect you and your toys. Another option is plexiglass which has its own perks. You don’t have to open or close it yourself and the elements won’t be able to touch you because it’s always there.
    If you really want to stop things from falling on your head, look into the roofing options. There are several that could serve your needs and keep the style you have out back.
    Another way to stop the weather is with walls. And these don’t have to be permanent. You can get heavy canvas blinds, or other materials, that raise and lower so you can have an open feel when you want it, or more closed off when you need it. These are really good at stopping the wind and can help with the brightness when the sun sets.
  • Think textiles.
    Concrete and wood decks absorb the cold like no other. Sometimes, stepping on them can feel like walking on ice. Get a carpet or rug to counteract the frigid floor you have and add warmth to your feet.
    But the physical warmth isn’t the only thing these are good for. If you want your deck to look homey, comfy and enviable, carpets can really add to the ambiance.
  • Your throne should be nice and soft to the touch.
    Why is it that every king and queen has hard looking, metal thrones? That doesn’t seem very practical, especially with how long they sit there. Why should your throne be like that? Be a wise ruler and make your rump happy.
    Wood or plastic chairs may look nice, but they aren’t the best for sitting in, especially because they won’t absorb your body heat. Besides, you don’t want to just sit, you want to lounge. The best way to do that? A soft, cushioned seat, worthy of you.
    When it’s cold and you want to sit outside, a nice, plush chair will help keep your body warm. Fabrics and cushion stuffing are really good at soaking in your heat, so if you want to enjoy your deck in the coldest months of the year, get them.
  • Turn up the heat.
    Fire. The discovery that made us who we are today. An obvious way to heat up your pergola is fire. Not only will it give you a nice, toasty body, it’s good for s’mores and hot dogs.
    There are several different fire pits you can get. If you want to show off your log-chopping skills while making Ron look weak and small, get a wood fire. It can give you the satisfying crackle of burning timber and the smell of smoke. Just be careful about your state’s wood-burning codes. Not everywhere allows it and some places only let it happen at certain times of the year. You also need to make sure it’s completely extinguished before leaving or you run the risk of losing the yard and more.
    Other options include propane and gas pits. You can either cough up a little extra money to get the hook-ups directly to your flames or you can get a cheaper, portable pit and just hook the tank up yourself. This is more acceptable in most areas, and if you don’t like the smoke smell stuck in your favorite jacket, it may be more for you.
  • Cuddle up.
    For the dry, windless nights, just cuddle under a blanket. You can keep some in a cedar chest on your porch or bring it from inside the house. Sometimes, it’s all you really need. You can have your significant other join or just hang out by yourself. Either way, blankets are the easiest, cheapest way to enjoy your back yard when it’s cold.

If you really want to keep enjoying your yard in the frigid winter months, don’t let the usual suspects stop you. You deserve to read, and you may as well do it in your own kingdom.


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