There it is!

Your beautifully-built custom deck from SRI Decks.

Now what?

Deck Add-ons

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Don’t let a blah deck or Mother Nature prevent you from enjoying your custom deck space to its fullest. Maximize your outdoor time and make your deck one-of-a-kind with these fun additions.

Cover It

Patio covers, like awnings, pergolas, and roofs, shield you from sun and precipitation, meaning you get to spend more time outdoors. They’re super customizable, as well, which puts them at the top of our list.


An awning is a fabric roof that is either secured to the side of your home or a sturdy frame bolted to your deck. Awning fabric can be left up year-round or taken down at your convenience. Another option is a retractable awning that can be raised and lowered whenever the mood strikes you. Most awning fabric has about a 15-year lifespan.


A posh pergola is eye-catching and offers a balance of shade and sun that shifts throughout the day. As an added bonus, pergolas make a great base for hanging or climbing plants and flowing fabrics, adding charm, uniqueness, and extra cover.


A solid roof is another covered deck option that shelters you from the elements and makes it nicer to be outside despite the weather. There are so many design options to match your style and need, from rustic logs to modern metal and hip to gable roofs.

A Floor Roof?

Does your deck offer standing room underneath? If so, your contractor can turn the underside of your deck flooring into an under-deck roof. With the addition of a drainage system to prevent water from seeping through deck boarding above, you can have a wonderfully shady, covered patio below. Add some fans and plants to the underside of your deck, and voila!–you have a special oasis that’s also a great escape from rain or stuffy summer days.

Enclose It

Give your space a more intimate and friendly feel with walls or windows that buffer you from the world and make your outdoor area feel like an extension of your home.

Screens and Windows

Screens or window panes are great options for blocking wind and drowning out noise while allowing you to enjoy the beautiful Colorado views.

Privacy Fencing

Privacy fencing is another attractive and practical option for seclusion from wind, noise, unattractive views, and perhaps the prying eyes of neighbors, making your outdoor space feel more intimate. And privacy fencing doesn’t have to be symmetrical or enclose your deck completely; it can be added to only one or two sides.

Light It

Add low-voltage lighting around plants, railings, or steps to really accentuate your deck’s details, add pizazz, and create a space that is functional well after sundown.

Your decking contractor at SRI can help you add built-in lighting such as fun and romantic street lamps. You can also keep it more simplistic and opt for solar lighting around sidewalks and plants or festive and whimsical string lights.

Plant It

Whether you add pots, mounted window boxes, or have your decking contractor add custom built-ins, plant life will take your deck from drab to fab. Plants add eye-catching beauty and decoration, help you curate the most beautiful parts of nature, allow you to hide unsightly sides and undersides, and add shade and privacy.

Detail It

Small details can make a big difference in your space’s look. Don’t gloss over the finer points.


Customized post caps are the proverbial cherry on top, giving your deck a tailored and polished look that pulls you toward them. You can buy premade post caps that fit on top of your existing ones or have your Denver custom deck builders make or replace your existing ones for you.


Rails are there for your protection, but you don’t have to settle for basic, run-of-the-mill railing when the smallest of tweaks can really up your decking game and bring your style to your outdoor living space.

White railing, for example, adds a beautifully bold contrast to wooden deck flooring, but the options don’t end there. Think of how your deck could be transformed by distinctive railings such as rustic logs, industrial iron, sleek and contemporary wires, or old-fashioned lattice. While ultimately for protection, railings can be customized to fit your style and personality.

Furnish It

What you place on your deck could either make it more comfortable and relaxing outside or the exact opposite. Chairs, swings, tables, rugs, etc., look inviting and appealing but also can do double-duty to provide a place to set drinks and food, extra shade and privacy, or storage for yard games like a cornhole set. Plus, fun and changeable decor will set your deck apart from anyone else’s.

Enjoy Your Deck More-Not Just On Perfect Days

You don’t need a lot of space, a large budget, or perfect weather to have a unique, inviting, and functional deck. Your Denver custom deck contractor can assist you with anything from patio cover installations to drainage needs so that you can take pride in your deck and enjoy it more days out of the year despite what the weather is doing.


Don’t let a monotonous deck or Mother Nature keep you from achieving the most of your personalized deck area. Make the best possible use of your outdoor time and give your balcony an exceptional appearance. Your Denver custom deck contractor can help you with patio cover installations to drainage requirements.

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