As the old adage goes, “Happy wife, happy life.” And, who doesn’t want to impress their spouse anyway? So, in preparation for Wife Appreciation Day on September 20, we want to give you some ideas to show your romantic side and add to your happy life. The best part is you don’t even need to leave your backyard for this.

Happy Wife Happy Life

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But first, the best dates need preparation:

  1. Get everything you need ahead of time.

    You don’t want the awkward, “Oh no! I forgot the paint,” situation when you’ve got everything else set up, so make sure you have all the supplies and tools you need to make it a date to remember.

  2. Get rid of any distractions.

    It’s always the best when you’re relaxing, looking longingly into each other’s eyes, and the phone rings with your mother-in-law on the other end, isn’t it? If you disagree, make sure you silence notifications, and leave your phone inside so you don’t have to deal with that. And if you have kids, we recommend a baby sitter to avoid that inevitable call from their bedroom for just one more drink of water or story before they go to sleep. (Because we all know, it’s never actually “just one more.”)

  3. Be happy.

    This one’s a given. Be happy. Be excited. Smile. Dates are always the best when people have endorphins flowing through them, and remember, “Happy people don’t kill their husbands.” If work has been stressful, leave it behind. If the car just won’t fix, forget it. This is a special time between you and your spouse, so you should be present and joyful.

Now for the fun part: the ideas! Feel free to use these or change them to suit the two of you more.

  1. Finger painting

    Let your inner child out. Paint pictures with your fingers. Get messy trying to make a sunset with Crayola or recreating one of Bob Ross’ famous paintings. It’s fun and gives you something to hang on the fridge.

  2. Sky watching

    This one is even better on a beautiful, new deck. Yes, this is a shameless plug for our Colorado custom deck company, but if you don’t have one, consider getting one. This customized home feature can be just the right staging ground for enjoying the view from your backyard and creating many years of happy memories.

    Now, back to sky watching. Few things compare to the unclouded midnight sky. It’s also the perfect opportunity for you to show your way with words. Compare the stars’ dazzling sparkle to your wife’s eyes, or tell her how the Milky Way pales to her beauty.

    But stars aren’t the only thing in the sky. You could lay out on your deck and look at the clouds. Try to find the turtles and pirate ships up there. It gives you the perfect chance to talk and come closer to each other.

  3. Blindfold feeding

    Prepare your meal ahead of time. Make messy sandwiches, hot dogs with extra mustard, or pizza with lots of sauce. Then, get some fun finger food like apple slices and peanuts. Finally, each of you put a blindfold on and feed each other. Good luck finding your partner’s mouth, just don’t get it up their nose. Besides, it’s a good chance to joke about going on a blind date.

  4. Dance

    When is the last time you danced with your wife? Was it a week ago? A month? A year? Your wedding? Chances are, she misses dancing. So, grab her close. Put your hand on her waist and spin. Look in her eyes as you’re holding her and say, “I love you.” Few things show your appreciation this deeply. And she will remember it. And if it’s raining, you can finally look like that gorgeous man in those chick-flicks you watch because dancing in the rain is a rare chance to show romance.

  5. Play games

    Set up some yard games like ladder ball, cornhole, horseshoes, or giant croquet. It’s fun, gets you some exercise and gives you some friendly competition.

  6. Reminisce around the fire

    If you have a fire pit, light it. Tell each other stories from when you were growing up. Talk about the past dates you’ve had with each other that were just so much fun. Talk about future goals, what you want to do at your job, if you’re content with it. Talk about what hobbies you want to pick up and if you should do them together.

You can always learn more about each other, and talking like this will help you keep your relationship strong, especially if you listen.

Above all, you just need to remember to truly appreciate her. Have fun together, say thank you, and love her every day.


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