Having a nice patio area is such a treat. That is unless you have Nosey Parker next door, constantly interrupting your peace and quiet. You have two options here; quit going out on your patio or take action to create a more private space. We think the latter is the better option. So, if privacy is what you seek, keep reading for great tips from a few of our readers.
Stuart Clark

Stuart Clark

Stuart Clark, Home Expert at Victoryblinds.

Add An Awning

Bring a slice of Europe to your home and dramatically increase the size of your living and entertaining space with an awning. Awnings are a great way to stop direct sunlight from heating your patio and home and can add privacy if your garden is overlooked without compromising natural light.

Creativity And Patience Go A Long Way

Creating a more private patio area helps to create an outdoor living space that feels like your own. It can be as simple as adding planters or privacy screens, or you may want to invest in permanent measures such as fencing, walls, and landscaping.

Whatever your budget and desired level of privacy, there are ways to make your patio area more private. Here are some ideas for making the most out of your outdoor space with privacy in mind.

1. Plant A Tall Hedge
Making your patio area more private can be a simple process. One of the best and most attractive solutions is to plant a tall hedge. A thick hedge can give you the privacy you want while adding color and texture to your outdoor area.

With the right hedge for your garden, you can acquire the height needed for complete privacy and beautiful landscaping. Although planting a tall hedge may require patience and hard work, it is worth it in the end when done correctly.

2. Install A Trellis
Installing a tall trellis on one side of the patio can provide a feeling of privacy without cutting off natural light or robbing you of outdoor views. Not only can it serve as an effective barrier to keep out curious eyes, but it also encourages plant growth around it. Installing a trellis is a cost-effective way to transform an area into your retreat.

3. Install A Privacy Screen
Installing a privacy screen on your patio can give you extra seclusion to enjoy your outdoor space’s peace and quiet. When selecting your privacy screen, think about matching the style to your existing landscaping and pick a material that will withstand years of sun, snow, and wind.

4. Hang Outdoor Curtains
A great way to make your patio more private is to hang some outdoor curtains. You can drape them around the perimeter and create a cozy, sheltered atmosphere. You can even get creative with the types of fabric used, from sheer voiles that give you a bit of seclusion while letting in plenty of natural light to heavier materials that block out heat or bright sunlight.

5. Add Lattice Work Fencing
Installing a tall latticework fence with climbing plants, such as ivy, sweet peas, clematis, passion flowers, and wisteria, will provide screening from neighbors and passersby while also creating a beautiful living wall that will add character to your patio.

Creating a more private patio area does not have to be a laborious and expensive project. With these ideas, you can transform your outdoor space into a place of tranquility and seclusion in no time.

Whether it’s through installing a privacy screen or adding latticework and fencing, there are plenty of ways to make your patio area more enjoyable and private. All it takes is some creativity, the right materials, and a little bit of patience.

Ann Doughan

Ann Doughan, CEO of Patioland.

Oladapo Taofeeq

Oladapo Taofeeq

Consider One Of These Options

1. Build A Hanging Screen.
2. Open-Air Curtain Boards.
3. Integrate Kind Signage.
4. Give Your Deck A Solitary Wall.
7. Consolidate Enhancing Boards.
8. Make A Retractable Shade.

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