Gazebo canopies can take a beating from the elements. If yours is battle-weary, you’ll need to order a new one—and that involves knowing the right size. Read on to learn tricks of the trade for measuring correctly.

Jesse Silkoff

Jesse Silkoff

Jesse Silkoff, Co-Founder and President, MyRoofingPal.

Get accurate measurements

To measure for a replacement gazebo canopy, make sure you have another person to help you in order to get accurate measurements and have a less difficult time with the task.

Measure between the outside corners of two legs (then repeat for others, unless the canopy is square). If there is a second-tier, measure that separately.

Select the right canopy

I have a single tier canopy. What I did was get a measuring tape and measured from one leg to the next to figure out the length. I continued this, finding that mine had an equal length to width, making it a good candidate for a square canopy.

I looked at square replacement canopies and noted the sizes were mostly in 8×8 and 10×10. Some went up to 16×16. The measurements for my canopy were 10×10, so it was easy to select the right replacement.

You want to make sure you’re measuring carefully, though. Do it twice, and make sure you select the right canopy. Don’t guess on this or it won’t fit properly.

Rex Freiberger

Rex Freiberger

Rex Freiberger, CEO, Gadget Review.

Dan Bailey

Dan Bailey, President, WikiLawn Lawn Care.

Get a recommendation

A standard gazebo canopy measures 10×20, with square canopies trending toward 10×10. When measuring to find a replacement, head to the front or back opening and measure the distance between the legs. Then move to the side and measure from the first leg to the last. This will give you width and length. You’ll also want to get a ladder to measure the slope of your canopy so you know the measurement for the roof rafters.

Keep in mind some canopy manufacturers size up. You always want to look at the description text for the canopy and see what they suggest for your measurements. If all else fails, you can call the company and share your measurements for a recommendation.

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