Have you ever heard of Trex? Trex is a high-performance composite material that is popular for building decks. Because of its higher cost when compared to wood, you may wonder if it is worth it? We asked some home and deck experts for their opinions on the matter. If a new deck is in your future, you’ll want to keep reading.

Tony Adams

Tony Adams

Tony Adams is the founder and editor of DIYGeeks.com.

Low-Maintenance, but There are Some Downsides

We install decks as a living, and most people pick Trex because they are advertised as low-maintenance. While they are great and you don’t need a lot to maintain them, they still come with some problems.

Clients have complained about the Trex getting TOO HOT during the summer. Most of the time, you can’t even walk barefoot because of [this]. [Trex decks also] become slippery when wet.

Another problem with Trex decks is that they show dirt. You will have to clean [your deck] weekly if you are a cleaning maniac (like me). Plus, the Trex can easily get scratched, and you can’t fix them. Replacing one can get expensive, so if you scratch it you will have to get used to it.

Other than that, Trex decks look very good and require less maintenance than wood decks.

Better Than Wood

I’ve lived in two homes that have had Trex decking, and I love it. It’s very easy to clean and stands up beautifully against the elements. I certainly can’t say the same for my friends who have peeling paint coming off of their wooden decks. It also looks great and ages quite nicely.

Bob Barocas

Bob Barocas

Bob Barocas, Owner of Home Repair Ninja.

Ben Neely

Ben Neely is the Owner of Riverbend Homes, a boutique custom home builder in Texas Hill County.

What’s Not to Love?!

Because of the hilly topography of where we build, we build a lot of decks and almost exclusively use the Trex brand. We like using Trex because it’s relatively easy to get and comes in a ton of colors.

The downside of using Trex is that joists need to be closer than they would be if it was regular pine material. However, the look and longevity of Trex far outweighs having to buy more joists.

Another benefit of using Trex is the optional hidden fastener system allowing the decks to appear seamless, as there are no nail heads shown in the material.

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