After months of hearing your pesky neighbor, Ron, brag about his “nicest deck in town,” you are ready to give him a run for his money. You have decided to hire one of the best custom deck builders Denver can offer and create your own outdoor haven.

But, before you can actually get that thing installed, you need to know about the ins-and-outs of Denver law regarding deck installation. After all, there are things that can affect whether or not you are allowed to build that beautiful piece of art in your yard.

Decking Law

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Your Home’s Status

If your house is a historic landmark or in a landmark district that can definitely change things. If you want to make changes in these areas, the project will need to be reviewed and approved by the Landmark Preservation staff.


Zoning also plays a part in what changes you can make to your property. These rules can affect the size, location and uses your new structures can have. In you can learn what type of zone your property is in.


If your project will have any effect on city parkways, it will need to undergo a parkways review. Some of these requirements direct homeowners toward a specific design with a specific character about them. Each parkway also has its own designated right-of-way and governs the space from the sidewalk to the street and anything within like the grass and trees. The character designations also include the distance buildings can be from the parkway. More information about designated parkways can be found on the link.

Building code

Building codes provide the minimum standards that Denver requires homeowners to comply with. These are meant to continue the protection of public safety, health and welfare. The process of getting everything permitted and inspected will include this information and whether or not your home can stay habitable during construction.

Utilities and Sewers

While you’re designing everything, you’ll need to find out where all utilities are located. You cannot build over these. Before getting everything planned out, call the Utility Notification Center of Colorado to mark where everything is so you’ll know exactly where you can and can’t dig.

As for sewers, building within two feet of an existing connection will require a replacement made with approved materials. Plumbing contractors can help you find these lines.

Required Documents

There are several documents you’ll need before building anything. In the order they must be obtained,

  1. Current City of Denver Contractor’s License Affidavit of Requirements for Owner-Occupier Permits
  2. If the project is on a historic landmark or within a historic landmark district, you will need a Landmark Certificate of Appropriateness.
  3. If your home is along a designated parkway, you’ll need a Parkway Exception Request. Along with this, you’ll need the plan that includes property lines, parkway setback, proposed type, the location and dimensions of the project encroaching on the parkway and the location of any residence on the property.

All of this must be on-person when you apply for the zoning permit, building permit and wastewater sewer use and drainage permit (if applicable).


As per usual, fees are also something you need to be prepared for. The zoning and building fees are based off the valuation of the work, including workers and materials.

So, if you really want to show up that pesky neighbor Ron and create a beautiful outdoor space for your family, make sure you get these things done and done right. That way, you really will have the best deck in the neighborhood.

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Check out our gallery of decks, pergolas, patio covers and more. You’ll get a product that’s built to last with wood staining (for wood decks) included in the price. You’ll also get in-writing guaranteed start and completion dates so you can be ensured that your deck will be ready right when you need it.


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