As a leading Denver custom porch installer, we love to see how our customers take our craftsmanship and add their own personal style to it. Whether you’re hoping to give your front porch a more welcoming vibe or turn your back porch into an intimate retreat, we have the tips to help you set the tone for an inviting outdoor hangout. It starts by setting the stage with the placement of your outdoor furniture. So, here we go. Places, everyone!

Pretty-Up Your Porch

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Rule of Odd Numbers

For whatever reason, things arranged in odd numbers tend to be more appealing, with three being the “magic” number. Two chairs plus one couch makes three. That number is usually just right for most porch spaces, whereas one is too little sitting space, and five can get a little crowded for most porch sizes. Three sitting pieces are a classic combination that works for most indoor spaces. Bring that same design rule to the outdoors.

Even Numbers Can Work, Though

Four chairs turned toward each other create the most inviting space for a circle of friends to sit and chat. To visualize, think of a square outdoor area rug and having a chair at each corner, facing the middle of the rug. (Your rug can actually be any shape, but the square concept gives you a helpful visual.)

We Love a Good Loveseat

Chances are good that only two bodies will occupy a couch at a time. It’s the same with a loveseat, except loveseats are shorter in width, allowing more room for other seating, side tables, and a coffee table.

Give Chaises a Chance

Chaises aren’t just for pool-side lounging. Create an asymmetrical layout on your porch with a chaise. Back to that square rug example again, think of putting a chaise at the bottom, left corner (feet facing toward the center of the rug), a loveseat on the upper side, and two chairs surrounding the bottom right corner.

Section Off Large Spaces

Some porches are large enough to support separate areas. You can create a conversational space with cozy seating or a swing in one spot and then have your outdoor dining furniture in another zone with enough room to move around. This arrangement works for long and narrow or split-level porches.

Speaking of Sections…

Sectional sofas are often too large to work in many porch spaces, but they are ideal for breaking up ample space. If you have the room, use a sectional to create boundaries, such as a conversation zone at one area of your porch and a dining area at another location.

Side-By-Side Sectionals

For long and narrow porches, side-by-side sectionals work to create two separate but cohesive and cozy spaces. Give each sectional its individual coffee table and accompanying chairs.

Deep and (Not) Wide

If your porch is deep but narrow, consider placing furniture directly across from each other to create a better flow through the area.

Conversational Corners

The default outdoor furniture layout for two couches is to have them face each other. This is a classic alignment, but consider changing up the style by placing the couches perpendicular to each other so that they meet at the corner of your porch or rug. This configuration opens up a walkway for traffic to flow through and creates an intimate space for conversation.

Chairs Only

For a large porch that can house lots of seats, having individual chairs gives your family and guests lots of seating options all to themselves. It also has a charming mountain resort kind of feel to it.


Evoking beach-resort casual, and for those extra-large porches (or any large backyard patio), break up lots of space with groupings of all of the above ideas. Consider a collection of lounge chairs facing the pool, a separate dining area, a conversational area seating four or more, and a cozy couch for a reading nook or place to enjoy the pre-/post-dinner beverages.

Small Scale, Big Charm

Most porch areas are small in size, but you may be surprised with how much seating you can fit into a modest space when you consider different seating options and double-duty furniture.

Consider benches or stools around a table to create an eating area. You may even have enough room to add two or three small chairs that can easily be reconfigured to accommodate your guests.
An ottoman can do double-duty, functioning as a coffee table or an extra seat.

Two Chairs Are Better Than One

For an inviting atmosphere on the smallest and narrowest of porches, consider two small chairs or stools rather than one.

Decoration Ideas

Having an idea of the pieces of furniture that would fit your porch is part one of your porch makeover. Your theme and decor come next. Just about anything goes for this part! Let your style and imagination help you develop an ambiance that is uniquely you.

Paler, neutral colors are classically elegant and tend to stand the test of time (and sunlight). Bold colors express a tropical vibe and showcase your strong style choices. Get the best of both worlds by mixing neutral with bold to make your colors really pop.

BONUS TIP: Mix boxy pieces with curvy pieces to avoid a harsh look.

Carry your home’s current style into your outdoor space, creating one cohesive scheme.

Alternatively, take inspiration from your favorite vacation spot or from right outside your door.

Use wooden tones and accessories to show off the pure beauty of nature.

Add in metallic accessories, such as a planter, for a rustic charm.

Take advantage of your gorgeous scenery by keeping your view free of obstructions. Opt for low-backing on seats instead of high. Conversely, add lots of plant life to your porch if you have a lackluster landscape that could use a little more nature.

We hope our design ideas have inspired you to bring your style to your covered or outdoor custom porch and that you enjoy your space for years to come with family, friends, or solo.

If you’d like your porch to have more space, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help you create the porch or patio space of your dreams.