Proper deck construction is an absolute necessity for aesthetics, longevity, and safety. Read on to learn from deck specialists about the ramifications of a poorly built deck.

Anton Giuroiu

Anton Giuroiu

Anton Giuroiu, Architect & Founder,

Instability From Poor Construction

If your deck has been built half-heartedly, then chances are that you’re going to feel it wobble after a short time. These wobbles means that stability reinforcements were not installed. If not addressed immediately, this would weaken the entire structure and cause premature aging – forcing you to replace it altogether. Half-heartedly built decks might look good, but safety is paramount, so make sure to fix your deck as soon as possible if it becomes unsteady.

Untreated Woods May Result In Rotting and Decaying

If a contractor built your deck half-heartedly, several issues may occur in the future. First, the deck itself may become unsafe and/or structurally unsound. The wood used to build the deck may not have been properly treated or dried before construction began, meaning that the wood is subject to rotting and decay.

Treating or replacing the wood is just one of many repairs that might be necessary due to a lack of quality workmanship. If the wrong materials were used during construction, such as improper nails or screws, you could experience additional wear and tear on your deck. Additionally, if a worker was using faulty tools or appliances during construction, this could lead to damage to your home itself.

Because most contractors hold liability insurance for their work, you should be able to file a claim with them to get your home repaired. However, keep in mind that it is always best to hire a reputable company so that you can avoid these problems in the first place.

Zac Houghton

Zac Houghton

Zac Houghton, CEO at Loftera.

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Jeremy Yamaguchi

Jeremy Yamaguchi, CEO of Lawn Love.

Deck Collapsing and Breaking

Structural damage should be your main concern. Creating an even and stable foundation that can withstand heavy weight is vital for any deck. And so if any corners are cut while the foundation is being created, that can result in the deck collapsing, breaking, and possibly harming those standing on it at the time. If you expect that your contractor built your deck half-heartedly, you shouldn’t brush those concerns off because it can cause serious damage if not attended to.

Checking Your Deck Stability

If your deck is built half-heartedly, you should look out for possible issues and damage. This is because it might result in your deck collapsing. Make sure to check support posts and loose or decaying ledgers.

If the location was not planned smartly, you could end up blocking paths for your needs at home such as water, air, and electricity.

You might also encounter faulty floorboards. Cracked boards, as well as faulty railings, can cause accidents and injure you. Your wooden deck is susceptible to rotting if it is constantly exposed to moisture. This could affect your stairs where fungus might form and weaken the support.

Your deck stability is at risk if your contractor built your deck half-heartedly [and this, in turn, could hurt you and your home.

Lorna Franklin

Lorna Franklin

Lorna Franklin from

Jonathan Tian

Jonathan Tian

Jonathan Tian, Co-Founder of Mobitrix.

Common Problems From Poor Deck Construction

Poor baluster spacing
Contractors should maintain no more than 4 inches of space between deck balusters at the widest area. When they build decks half-heartedly, there could be a potential risk of babies or toddlers slipping through the bars.

Rotting wood
Most deck catastrophes happen because the deck owners aren’t familiarized with rotting wood posts underpinning their decks, rotting joists, and rotting handrails.

Missing pieces
When the deck contractors forget to add essential pieces to flooring, stairs, fasteners, and railings, it creates a major fall hazard. Also, it’s required to use stainless steel fasteners to join the parts. If they work carelessly, the consequences will be dire.

Three Issues That Come With A Poorly-Made Deck

1. Weathering
If your contractor skimped on the stain, sealant, or other treatments, your deck is likely to weather more quickly. Luckily, this one is a fairly easy issue to fix yourself, even if you don’t have the deck expertise. Just apply more stain.

2. Rough spots, screws sticking out, and odd angles
Rough spots, poking screws, and weird angles are mostly going to be annoying if they’re in high-traffic areas. While they’re unsightly, they don’t necessarily point to structural issues. These problems can be, in some cases, fixed with a sander or a screwdriver.

3. Foundational issues
Foundational issues have the highest potential to require major professional repairs. If the footings of your deck are not set correctly, the whole structure could warp or slump in the years to come. This can also be difficult to check for without pulling up boards in some cases.

Leonard Ang

Leonard Ang, CEO, iPropertyManagement.

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