It’s a late summer afternoon. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it feels wrong to stay indoors. So instead of reading your book or catching a quick nap on the couch, you decide to utilize your wonderfully accessible deck. Just as you are getting comfortable, ouch! A mosquito sucks all sense of serenity out of your well-intentioned set up. You slap it away, but seconds later another rudely interrupts. After all of five minutes in the delicious sunshine you are forced to retreat indoors, defeated and deflated.

The solution to this common occurrence is simple: Screen your deck. This will allow you to appreciate the outdoor environment without being “bugged” back indoors as well as provide numerous other benefits. Before you call up your Colorado deck contractor, let’s consider the five best reasons to add a screen to your deck and the potential drawbacks.

The 5 Best Reasons to Screen Your Deck

(JamesDeMers / pixabay)

The Pros of screening your deck:

1. A Barrier to Unwelcome Guests

Enjoying the feeling of being outside while avoiding the noxious parts of the outdoor environment is all made possible with a screened deck. You can get away from mosquitos, wasps and other creepy crawlies while still appreciating perfect afternoons in the sun. A screened-in deck also protects the platform from raccoon vandalism and other destructive critters.

2. Switch Climate Change for Climate Control

Does your deck only get used in the Goldilocks seasons of spring and fall? Screening your deck will allow you to moderate the seasons and expand your living space throughout the year. Having a barrier between you and the wind, sleet and heat, can make a world of difference even if the space is not fully air conditioned. Don’t forget, large windows and sliding doors can still allow you to welcome in a cool breeze.

3. Increased Character and Utility

A screened deck allows for more electrical systems and furniture to be installed, giving you freedom to use this unique living space in a greater variety of ways. Think tables, lamps, bean bags or even a TV. Protected from the elements, the options are endless. You can create a classy eating space, relaxing lounge or storage area, all of which have the potential to be used after the sun goes down.

4. More Privacy and Peace

If it feels like the whole neighborhood can see you when you are on your deck, screening can provide welcome privacy. Whether it’s yoga flows, workout sessions or piles of embarrassing clutter, a screened deck will give you a safe space that doesn’t feel like the neighborhood stage. A screen also blocks the noise from the neighbor’s lawnmower and keeps their DIY project from interrupting your captivating read or morning meditation.

5. Cleaner Air

Seasonal allergies and concerning air pollution imprison many of us indoors for days and weeks on end. A screened deck creates a place where you are close to nature without paying for it with an incessant runny nose or asthma attack. In this way, a screened deck can lead to a healthier lifestyle by providing a literal breath of fresh air.

The Cons of screening your deck:

1. An Altered View

A screen may partially block the view from your deck. Although the screen is transparent, the hinges between windows, corner pieces, and other structural support are not. Depending on the location of your property and the positioning of your deck, this may or may not be a major factor to consider.

2. Cost

Like any property renovation, screening your deck may dent your budget. The cost of installation is dependent on the size of the area to be screened. You can easily receive a personalized quote here. Keep in mind that upgrading your property is a form of long-term investment and may pay dividends down the line.

3. Maintenance

A screened deck will require different, and possibly more, maintenance than an open deck. While screening in the space will keep leaves and bird droppings off the floor, the screens will collect fingerprints, water streaks and pollen, requiring periodic cleaning. Depending on the size of your deck this may add up to a couple hours of glass cleaning every month. Is the trade off worth it to you?

Screening your deck can be a game changer in how you and your household experience life at home. Installing a screen can massively increase the utility of an otherwise rarely visited deck. Depending on your relationship with the outdoors, a screened deck can also help you incorporate more views and sunshine into your daily routine throughout the year. The improvement will allow you to step outside without leaving the comfort of your home.

Improving the quality of your life can be as simple as improving the space you live in. The benefits and drawbacks of screening your deck are unique to every property and person. In the end, screening your deck can be an unneeded nuisance or a fabulous improvement and the first step to freedom from those pesky mosquitos.