If done correctly, a pergola can elevate your backyard to a whimsical entertainment space and increase the value of your home. So, what is the height for that perfect pergola? We posed this question to our contributors, who range from contractors to amateur designers, and best answer is … well, you’ll just need to keep reading to find out.

Leslie Recarte Chapus

Leslie Recarte Chapus

Leslie Recarte Chapus, Vice President of Sales for Azenco International.

Ideal height for a Pergola

While the general height of a pergola is usually eight to 12 feet, there are numerous design, regulatory, and technical aspects which will determine the ideal height for a pergola. From a design perspective, you want to ensure the outdoor living space offers sufficient height to make it open and inviting; while also ensuring it can offer optimal shade covering for the sun in your area, and the pergola roofline compliments the home’s unique architectural style.

Local regulatory requirements can also dictate the height of a pergola so it is important to work with a qualified local dealer to ensure all codes are met. Technical considerations that come into play in designing a pergola could include ensuring proper clearance for automated louvered roof pergolas to open and close, or accessibility to electrical connections to power embedded LED lighting.

My advice for anyone considering a pergola project is to contact a professional to discuss how to make the most of your pergola.

Highly Dependent on the Space You Have

When it comes to creating some nice movement in the landscape, there’s no doubt that pergolas are an excellent choice. Whether they’d be attached to the house as a covered patio, or detached and placed somewhere in the garden, pergolas are guaranteed to turn into a real eye-catcher.

Deciding where and how to place one of these structures can be challenging, especially if working with limited space. There are a few important things to consider, such as: The climate – as that will determine whether it will be a solid roof or an open one; the proximity to any windows or doors; and the height of the pergola, as it is important that it fits well with the rest of the landscape.

Determining the perfect height for a pergola is highly dependent on the space you’ve got. If it’s an attached patio, you’ll have to think about the height of the walls of the house to make it a seamless transition. If you’ve chosen to opt for a detached pergola, however, you’ve got a bit more freedom in terms of height. It’s good to decide from the get-go if you’d like to add any lighting to the roof, as that will require some extra height. Typically, the perfect height for a pergola would be between eight and 10 feet, as that will allow for it to feel open and spacious even when entertaining a larger number of guests.

Vanessa Magdalenova

Vanessa Magdalenova

Vanessa Magdalenova is Marketing Manager at Independent Fashion Bloggers. In her free time, she enjoys being in nature, gardening, cooking, and going on long walks in the evenings.

Eric Nerhood

Eric Nerhood

Eric Nerhood is with Premier Property Buyers.

Best Height for a Pergola

A pergola is a great addition to any yard. Small or large, it will become the focal point of all gatherings. The best height for a Pergola depends on how you’re going to use it.

If you just want it for intimate gatherings, a small pergola can use the minimum height of seven feet and six inches. This is the minimum that the height of any pergola can be, large or small.

If you want one for larger gatherings, the maximum height of the pergola is eight feet and two inches. If it is being put farther away from the property line, the height can increase to nine feet and 10 inches. If you decide to go for a pitched roof, the maximum height can be 13 feet. No matter what the circumference of the pergola, the height requirements remain constant.

Make Sure It’s in Harmony with Your Home

The minimum recommended height for a pergola is seven feet and seven inches, so that it can provide enough space above your head. If you’re getting a pergola constructed for your deck, we can advise you to extend it so that it reaches the rim of the roof. By doing so, you will ensure a nice transition between the roof of your home and the pergola itself. If you make it higher than that, most likely it will just look out of place and, if you make it lower, it might interfere with the windows and doors.

If your pergola is detached, seven feet and seven inches (or two and a third meters) to eight feet and two inches (or two and a half meters) should be okay for your needs. Generally, when it comes to size, make sure it’s in harmony with your home. If you make it too big, it will make your house look a lot smaller in comparison, and if you make it too small, it just won’t be functional.

Eva Bowker

Eva Bowker is a home improvement coordinator at Fantastic Handyman Australia.

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