Your deck is the focal point of your backyard. It is where you relax, greet loved ones, celebrate life events, and host those classic summer barbeques. You want the best start for such a big part of your home.

A common misconception is that it is impossible to build a deck in winter. Because of this, warm weather has become the preferred time to reach out to a Denver deck installer. Whether you are starting from scratch or updating your current outdoor living space, timing is an important factor. As one of Colorado’s premiere custom deck builders and outdoor construction experts, we want to dispel myths about needing to wait until spring or summer to start building or upgrading your deck and share the perks of starting construction in winter.

Installing Deck

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Get the Best Contractor

Spring and summer are the most popular times to build outdoor living spaces so they are also a contractor’s busy season. If you choose to build your deck in the winter, you will get to pick from the best companies and skilled contractors in the area for your project. Because it is their slow season, they will have more time to devote to your deck during the initial planning phase to make sure space, functionality, and lifestyle requirements meet your expectations.

Other factors that can impact a contractor’s schedule are access to building materials and weather-related delays. In winter, building materials are better stocked, so you won’t have to compromise on your deck. Weather can delay a build in any season, and winter may present some snow delays. However, with Denver’s sunny days, snow doesn’t usually hang around for long so winter interruptions are often minimal. Choosing to build during winter could result in your ideal deck being completed ahead of schedule.

Don’t Miss Even One Sunny Spring Day

If you wait to build your deck until you want to use it, you will be missing out on valuable time where you could have been enjoying your new outdoor space. Building in winter ensures plenty of time to obtain the right permits, perform required inspections, seek HOA approvals depending on your area, and allow for any unforeseen delays in the entire process. There are many delays that can occur before you even start to build, which become more frustrating when the sun is out and you are waiting to use your deck.

Active construction sites are also not the best spot for relaxing, playing, or entertaining. Building in winter optimizes the usable time in warmer weather for both your deck and the rest of your yard. From material deliveries to the cleanup, a winter build ensures the rest of your yard is accessible for use from that first sunny day.

Protect Your Current Yard So It Is Ready for Spring Landscaping

Most homeowners do not realize landscaping and planting also need to be considered when choosing a time to build their deck. Additional moisture during springtime can contribute to more marks on your lawn from contractors and supply deliveries. During winter, the ground is more stable, meaning limited damage to your yard and less to fix after construction. Even with minimal impact on your current landscape, a new deck typically requires some changes to your yard. By having your deck project completed by the end of winter, you can focus on the rest of your yard just in time for spring, the ideal time for planting.

Get a Stronger Build

Starting with a solid foundation for your deck is key. Colder weather means harder ground. This is better for digging the foundation, so it will settle better than if it was done in summer. Weather also impacts the rest of your building materials. Most decks are built with pressure-treated lumber which needs time to dry. If the drying occurs in warmer and more humid weather, it impacts drying time and increases the risk of the sun warping it. Winter building enables a more even drying process and adaptation to weather conditions, leading to less twisting and cracking.

Another misconception is that staining should be performed in the spring as well. However, that humid weather that can warp the wood can also lead to poor stain absorption. The direct sunlight can evaporate the stain and create watermarks on your new deck. Constructing and finishing your deck with a stain in winter will prevent many of the pitfalls of summer building, ensuring a long-lasting outdoor living space.

From maintaining use of the rest of your yard during peak seasons to protecting the lifespan of your deck, there are many reasons to start building your deck this winter. Are you ready? Check out our gallery and contact one of our expert Denver deck installers for more information at 303-421-6548 today.


Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for building a deck and improving your outdoor space. But did you know there are more benefits to starting your construction in the winter? What the myths tell you about the winter construction of a deck is not true. In this infographic, we will uncover them and lay out all the good things about the benefits of getting your deck building project in the winter.

Why winter is the right time to start building your deck


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